Crown Point Software provides custom software development and consulting services. We have over 20 years of development experience designing and building all types of applications specializing in Microsoft platforms. Some of the services we can provide:

  • -  custom designed software applications
  • - integration of multiple software applications
  • - customizations to existing applications
  • - evaluation and recommendations for software
  • - streamline or customize workflows
  • - performance improvements
  • - data conversion and loading
  • - contract on-site programming services


At Crown Point Software we have experience building all sorts of software solutions such as web sites, web applications, windows clients, distributed applications, database systems, and plug-ins. We can design a solution for you using the most appropriate technology based on your specific requirements.


At Crown Point Software, we specialize in developing software for all Microsoft platforms using the latest technologies such as Microsoft .NET, however, we can also work with legacy technologies to suit your needs. In addition, we have experience customizing and extending many Microsoft applications such as Sharepoint, Outlook and Office.